HANA Migration & BIG DATA

With SAP HANA, we accelerate the business and services of our customers.

Advantages result from:

  • Faster reporting and higher reporting depths
  • Improvement of business processes (returns, MRP, stockholding, ...)
  • By linking data, the reasons for returns, for instance, can be better detected.
  • Warehouse stocks and purchase orders can be optimized
  • Faster and better creation of customer focus (by integrating mass data from networks, for instance...)
  • Track and trace options provide greater planning security for customers and vendors and optimize the service
  • Malfunctions can be prevented due to intelligent reporting

In case of "mass data", the connection to Hadoop enables an option for systematizing analyses also outside the ERP system.
Advantages particularly arise when unstructured data is included in the result determination.

Want to try it out?
FIS-ASP is an experienced SAP partner and has executed the changeover from traditional databases to SAP HANA in numerous migrations.
Of course, we are glad to offer a "confidence test" on the way to HANA. The respective hardware for the POC is provided.