High Availability

The availability of systems is getting more and more important. The dependency of a business and its corresponding processes on the central data processing systems is becoming stronger and stronger. We have developed processes to increase the availability of your live SAP systems without having to invest in expensive special software or hardware clusters. The installation of a shadow database on a second server enables you to always have a current copy of your live database available.

You can make use of the copy in order to:

  • work with your application on this system in a problem case
  • create consistent offline backups
  • recover your live database directly off the hard disk
  • realize consistency checks of your database

The virtualized mapping of systems is another alternative to the Cluster technology. Not only does it make your business more available, it also makes your business more agile, scalable and elastic.

Data stores with MetroCluster technology and far away data centers help minimize risks.

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