Office Services

Office Services include innovative services for the “information worker”.

This platform makes you benefit from services that enable you to organize your office communication on an efficient and time-saving basis.

FIS-ASP offers server hosting for applications, such as SAP, Exchange and Microsoft back office products, based on standard technologies. Needless to say that this also includes “open” products.

Your servers will be operated in modern data centers within FIS-ASP. Protection and security are our utmost principle and one of the central core offers of our data centers. The server infrastructure is integrated into our security system and will be monitored 24x7x52.

Virtual desktops: Faster roll-outs, less power consumption, more security

Unlocking the user desktop from the terminal reduces maintenance requirements and thus enables high potential savings: administrators can realize all necessary installations and configurations on central servers and do not have to locate a user’s workstation to set up a user desktop. This is espe-cially beneficial for migration projects: IT departments are for example able to make a change to the latest Windows Client Operating System for the whole enterprise within shortest notice. At the same time hardware expenses can be saved on client side. The thin terminals are also the reason why desktop virtualization is often named in combination with green computing concepts: according to a study of Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT), an enterprise that changes 225 working stations to thin clients may reduce their carbon dioxide exhaust by more than 148 tons, thus cutting energy costs considerably.

From the company’s point of view, security also speaks for the desktop virtualization: sensitive data is not stored on hardly protected terminals but on well-protected servers, where it is also integrated into the usual backup routines.

Access authorizations are centrally administered and adapted to each individual user roll. The administrators can assure that peripheral software is not installed and that sensitive information does not leave the data center. In this way, compliance guidelines can be implemented more easily throughout the company.