The benefit for your enterprise: on the one hand you’ll reduce costs, on the other hand however you’ll keep all infrastructures and decision-making processes under control.

Thus, out-tasking has meanwhile become a rewarding alternative to outsourcing for predominantly small and medium-sized businesses, especially in the sector information and communication technology.

The decision of many businesses to use out-tasking in their communications infrastructure is founded in the strategic meaning this technology has meanwhile taken up in a lot of businesses. To stay competitive, even small and medium-sized businesses need to invest in PC-based applications or to establish retailing systems and structures for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM). However, these businesses cannot always afford the necessary investments due to a rather thin capital cover and as a consequence outsourcing of these tasks to an external service provider makes sense.

To us, outtasking means that you want to keep on maintaining your own data center but do not want to control the sophisticated R/3 system operation or the operation of mySAP systems. A multiple-shift operation is another task you would assign to us.

These tasks are assigned to FIS-ASP as an external service provider (= outtasking). The required services mainly coincide with the services described under outsourcing. However, these will customarily be rendered “remote” for economic reasons.

This means that the FIS-ASP consultant will log in your location from FIS-ASP and will administer or monitor your systems. Version and scope of FIS-ASP reporting are comparable to those of outsourcing, i. e. service provision will stay transparent for you.