Storage as a Service

Scalable memory space properly dimensioned for any of your business purposes from archiving up to performance-critical applications with SLAs. State-of-the-art MetroCluster technology offers security and availability without CAPEX costs. The ‘storage on demand’ model is suitable for critical systems and in particular for large datasets:


  • up to 50,000 IOPS/TByte
  • pay per use
  • multilog compliant
  • optional: transparent failover for important applications
  • “Business SLAs” for application security and availability

Depending on corporate applications, i.e. ultrafast (SLA iops) or very inexpensive. Stored with multiple redundancies or read-only defined for the archive in the WORM procedure. Let your company benefit from a flexible and exact monthly settlement.

Snapshots as required:
Snapshots are not only used to increase your data security. They are used in particular to easily execute, log and undo test scenarios – according to your requirements.

...for ERP, CRM, mail, databases, archives and file storage...